Investment Philosophy

Inflation is your number one enemy

Inflation gradually reduces the buying power of cash year on year making cash a depreciating asset. A robust, consistent investment process, implemented over time, is the most effective way to help you achieve real capital growth.

These principles shape our approach to investing:

  • Risk and reward are intrinsically linked
    You should not take more risk than you are comfortable with but, it is only by increasing exposure to investment assets that you will increase returns
  • Diversification is key
    Spreading your investment across many asset classes reduces uncertainty
  • Asset allocation is the main driver of investment returns
    Maintaining the right balance of asset classes serves to capture the right level of return
  • Passive and active investment strategies both have strengths
    We conduct rigorous research into both passive index and actively managed investment funds which we believe deliver the best combination of low charges and consistently good returns. We tactically blend the two in line with your needs and expectations and your risk profile
  • Investment costs should be kept to a minimum
    Every pound saved means you need a pound less of market performance
  • Investment is a long-term game
    Watching day-to-day market performance engenders doubt, panic and a desire to change course to snap up the market’s best performer. Today’s best performer may be tomorrow’s worst. Future performance is impossible to predict. Your well diversified, asset balanced strategy will help you capture returns across the whole market
  • Investment should be under regular review
    Rebalancing your portfolio is an important task. As one asset class grows faster than others within your portfolio, it’s weighting against the assets allocated by your risk profile changes
  • Regular reporting
    You should know what’s happening to your money at all times.