Our clients say

Evaluating a Financial Advisor is tricky – investment and financial planning never yield instant results. However, I have no hesitation in recommending Linda. I started in 2007 when I became disillusioned with the overly aggressive commission-driven adviser I previously had. I have been using Linda for long-term financial planning as well as in connection with other financial matters such as mortgage, insurance, etc. The advice and guidance I have received have always been clear and cogent. Linda is both patient, approachable, and responsive. Her consistent and thoroughly professional approach engenders confidence – exactly what you need when you entrust your long-term financial planning to someone else.

MN, Group Data Protection Counsel

Linda has really helped us to understand our current financial position and our needs at retirement. Her approach was very professional and the clarity with which she explained sometimes complex information and her ongoing support in deepening our understanding of our financial situation, made us feel confident in our financial decision making. We would be very happy to recommend Linda’s financial planning service.

CK, Finance Officer

For anyone looking for a Financial Adviser to take an overview of their various investments, pensions and benefits, I have no hesitation in recommending Linda van Meurs at Athena Wealth Planning. Athena Wealth Planning are a fee based adviser, so any commissions received are offset against your fees, meaning any advice is for your benefit, not theirs. I have found them particularly useful to go through all my various work benefits and pension, and have a very useful tool to project future income and how different decisions made now will affect that going forward. They do all the hard, boring, work for you, and give you the confidence you are making the right decisions, and make sure you understand why.

NS, Vice President

Carrie is lovely. Although I’d known Carrie from running, we didn’t know each other professionally. Our first formal meeting lasted one and a half hours and I signed on the dotted line. She really knows her stuff and when she told me how much I could be saving in tax, I nearly fell off my chair. I’ve now told my three best friends and I hope they all sign up with Athena Wealth Planning too.

CM, Senior IT Company Executive

It was an easy decision to follow Colin when he decided to set up Athena Wealth Planning. He has given the best possible support and I have a lot of time for him. Your relationship with your Financial Adviser is a lot about personality and how you get on but it’s also about delivery and Colin delivers. He even helped with our son’s mortgage which I wasn’t expecting.

MC, Accountant

Not only is Carrie such a nice person, she is like a breath of fresh air. We’ve had some bad experiences of financial advisers in the past and now I know my capital is being protected and it’s in the right hands. Carrie certainly has our trust. She makes it all very simple for us and keeps us informed every step of the way. I would recommend Athena Wealth Planning without hesitation. They certainly have the personal touch.

P&L R, Business Owner

I’ve always liked Colin’s straight forward manner. I’ve been very impressed with the way he has handled our investments but it’s the interest he has in us that I really appreciate. Wanting to know about our plans in life and how to sort our investments around that. We understand each other and he knows us as people. It’s good to have such personal contact.

PC, London

My business partner and I met Carrie at NatWest. She gave us really good advice but it was restricted. When Carrie became independent it was just fantastic and ever since we have recommended her to our children, colleagues and contacts. It’s like having a helpful professional friend. Everything is well explained and makes complete sense. Pensions are normally a fairly turgid subject but Carrie makes it quite fun. Our business and personal financial lives are all joined up. I think it’s absolutely brilliant.

JH, Estate Agent, Hampsteads

I trust Colin, I had a lot of things that needed restructuring, things I couldn’t do on my own. He did it very well and keeps me very well informed and up to date with things. He’s also been good at finding a tax efficient way to fund university fees. I’m very happy.

JB, London

Carrie is your friend, you can tell her anything and she is very interested in what you have to say. When I first met her, I had a stack of paperwork that needed sorting out. She sat and helped me sift through it and now I feel completely in control. I’m impressed that she keeps qualifying. What I like about the planning, is the future planning, what you are earning now, what your assets are and when your income goes it will look like this but if you do x, y and z it will look like this. All in a completely easy to understand way. When my husband was made redundant that was a bit of a bump in the road but he’s now doing something a bit different and loving it. Carrie helping us look after the future made it all very easy to handle.

SP, Business Owner