About Us

Athena Wealth Planning was established because of our desire to create a wealth planning business that truly puts your needs first and holds ours, and your core values, at its heart. Carrie Devonshire and Colin Enright founded Athena in 2014, joined latterly by Sarah Revell.

We are proud to be an Associate Firm of the Personal Finance Society offering whole of market advice and stategies; combined with our personal service, we have built a reputation as the wealth planners of choice in our local community.

Effective financial planning can truly change lives for the better, our hope is to help you have a clear understanding of your financial goals and to achieve them based on your personal priorities in life. 

Not everyone needs a very large amount of money to keep them fulfilled, they do need to know what they have is well looked after.

Investment Principles

The principles that shape our approach to investing:

Elegant Simplicity

Simplicity ensures our advice is easy to understand. Our advice results in your life objectives being elegantly met.

Keep investment costs low

Our low-cost investments result in you retaining more of your portfolio returns.

Tax efficiency is key to successful planning

Saving tax using all available allowances is an important driver of higher returns

Diversification is important

Avoid putting all your ‘eggs in one basket’. Spreading your investment across many asset classes reduces risk and volatility

Social Responsibility

In line with our business ethos, where possible, incorporating an element of social responsibility without reducing investment returns.

Remain disciplined – Investment is a long-term commitment

We believe that capital markets are very efficient in producing great returns. We seek to capture market returns over the medium to long term. Trying to correctly time entry and exit to markets is almost impossible.

Social Responsibility

At Athena we take our social responsibility seriously, not because we should, but because we want to and, we believe it is the right thing to do.   

Our business was founded on strong principles, quite simply we aim to provide the highest level of advice, care, and support to our clients. We aim to continue being an integral part of our local and business communities and we strive to be the local Financial Services employer of choice, placing our team’s professional development and wellbeing at the heart of our business.  

We are proud of our chartered status, the highest qualification that Financial Planners can hold, we are members of the Equity Release Council, a body which exists to safeguard consumers by promoting high standards of conduct and practice in the provision of and advice on equity release. We are part of the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce, an independent body which aims to promote a greater understanding and encourage appropriate behaviours, to establish good practice in respect of consumer vulnerability. 

We want to protect our environment and are working towards achieving B Corp status.  We have made changes to support this by reducing waste, installing recycling points in our office, replacing bottled water for a mains water filter system, where possible opting to provide communication in a digital format and using local suppliers and making fairtrade purchases whenever possible.

We believe passionately in supporting the provision of financial education in schools, with the hope of promoting financial knowledge and wellbeing for our young people.  Several of our advisers regularly assist in delivering financial education programmes in our local community, across both primary and secondary schools.

The Athena Team

Thanks for all your help with TSB.  I’d have genuinely given up if we hadn’t had your support, but how lucky we didn’t!

Mr. N.J.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, it is much appreciated, and it has been wonderful knowing we are in trusted hands.

Mrs. A. C.

This year, we are delighted to support The Sevenoaks CPR charity by funding the installation of a defibrillator in Sevenoaks town. They are a fantastic charity which provide First Aid Training and support for public access defibrillator projects. From personal experience we highly recommend their training sessions, please visit www.sevenoakscpr.org for more information. We will continue with our commitment to meet the highest standards possible by looking after our clients, looking after our employees, looking after our community, and looking after our environment.

We continue to work with our local business community, and we are proud to partner with Sevenoaks Rugby Club.