Divorce & Bereavement

Dealing with money in the lead up to, or in the months following, one of the most emotional events of your life, can side swipe even the strongest of people.

Dignity, poise, resilience and strength coupled with grief, confusion, anger and relief to name just a few feelings – each making their presence known, often unannounced as you try to navigate the way forward for yourself and your loved ones.

How is my life going to look? Where will we live, can I live the life we have worked so hard to achieve? Do I have enough? What is enough? Am I asking too much or too little of myself and others?

With emotions running high, it can be challenging to make correct, consistent & logical decisions  that give you the best financial outcome for your future to be the way you want it to be – that’s what we do.

We are able to show you clearly and concisely, jargon free, exactly how to organise your finances and your money to do their very best for you, now, and for your future. And once you’re happy with your plan, we will implement it all for you, so you can concentrate on everything else that needs your focus. You do you, with your professional financial planners close by in your pocket.

Not only can we get the financial planning perfect for you, we also know lots of other professionals who can help you with all the other aspects of the new world you are learning to live in.