Financial Planning

Planning your wealth around your life

Financial planning is about giving your money purpose. It’s about knowing how much you have and how much you will need to live life the way you wish.

We begin by discussing your priorities and objectives and give you chance to meet us and see how we work.

When we first meet there is no commitment on your part. Our initial meeting is complimentary and allows us both to decide whether we are the right professional advisers for you.

If you like us enough, we can move straight to a more detailed discovery session, step one of our process.

Step 1 Your Discovery Meeting

  • We work together to understand your aspirations, plot some lifetime goals and learn how important it is that you achieve them.
  • We explore investment risk in great depth, agree your personal investment risk profile and how it can be applied to your goals.
  • Together, we will prioritise your goals, ready for us to build your Financial Road Map.

Step 2 Your Financial Road Map

Your Financial Road Map is an outline plan to show you what needs to be considered and why, in order to meet your aspirations.

Your Financial Road Map includes:

  • Details of existing plans we believe need to be considered in order to make sure they are still relevant to your planning today
  • A written picture as to how we propose to meet your aims and objectives
  • Details as to the allowances we wish to incorporate within your full Financial Plan and why
  • Confirmation as to the resultant position once the planning is implemented, and how this meets with your aims and objectives

Step 3 Your Financial Plan and Personal Cash Flow Model

With your agreement to proceed we undertake the research, due diligence and accompanying work required in order to compile your Financial Plan and your Personal Cash Flow Model.

This will confirm our recommendations to you and explain how they enable you to meet your objectives in the most cost efficient and tax efficient manner, taking into account your risk profile at all times.

Your Personal Cash Flow Model shows you where you are now, and the impact of the advice you are being provided with which is contained in your Financial Plan.

Step 4 Implementing Your Financial Plan

Once agreed we implement your Financial Plan on your behalf, keeping you updated as we go.

We assist with the completion of all documentation and liaise with all parties on a regular basis to ensure your planning is established as expediently and efficiently as possible.

Step 5 Managing Your Financial Plan

At least once a year, we meet to update your Financial Planning and Your Personal Cash Flow Model. We update your current position and review your goals in light of any changes. Adjustments are discussed and agreed and aims set for the coming year.

Throughout the year we continue to work behind the scenes to constantly monitor your investments to ensure they remain ‘best in class’. In the unlikely event of this not being the case, we will make appropriate recommendations to remedy this.

You are welcome to contact us at any time