What is Financial Planning?

Effective financial planning can truly change lives for the better.

There is a common misconception that planners focus on financial products. It’s true that you deserve the best pension and ISA, and as independent advisers we do that. However, financial planning is so much more.

We recognise the importance of bringing meaning to your money, and how it can positively shape your future. After all, it is decisions around money that often determine the quality of your life. As skilled planners we can guide and support you to make the right informed decisions that lead to amazing outcomes.

Our careful step-by-step process takes you from where you are to where you want to be in the future.

By understanding what is most important to you, we can help to address those burning questions:

  • How much money is enough?
  • Is there a risk that I outlive my money?

A professional financial plan will liberate your aspirations and deliver you the re-assurance and peace of mind that they are realistic and achievable.

How we complete your financial plan

1 Discovery

We spend time to really get to know you. Your hopes and dreams, your goals, and aspirations. Only then can we determine whether we are best placed to assist. As with any long-term professional relationship the ‘fit and feel’ is crucial to its success to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals.

Once we agree to work together, we can begin to gather detailed information to begin building your financial plan.

2 Research

We undertake a detailed analysis of any existing pensions and investments, liaising directly with any providers on your behalf, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and whether they are class leading and if not, how they can be improved.

3 Plan

We then build your cash flow using our sophisticated software. This will incorporate important future events e.g. retirement, travel plans and gifts to your children. We also include your existing assets, along with any additional investments that you are planning. This will clearly highlight any shortfalls in your current planning so that we can calculate what needs to be done to propel you towards a successful future.

We’ll then meet again to present the plan. Of course, you’re bound to have to questions; we’ll make sure those are addressed and, if necessary, amend the plan before moving to the next stage.

We will then complete a full advice report that includes our recommendations as to which planning actions we believe will result in you achieving your goals and objectives.

4 Implementation

Once we’ve agreed the best way forward, we will put your plan into action. Our team will work to implement the recommendations we have agreed. If required, we will work closely with any other professional advisers, including solicitors and accountants.

5 Ongoing

Financial planning is an ongoing process: things could change, and you may re-evaluate your priorities. Through regular reviews we can ensure you will continue to meet your future objectives by adjusting your planning accordingly.

We have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with most of our clients. So whatever challenges arise along the way, through our deep understanding of you and your family, we ensure that you remain on track.