It’s more of a ‘Not Now’ than a ‘No’

The money and business papers have been full of The Chancellors stay of execution this weekend with regards to sweeping reforms of the pension tax relief system. It was widely expected that following the announcement of a(nother) pension consultation, this time looking into pension tax relief, The Chancellor would take the opportunity to make significant changes in next Thursday’s Spring Budget.

The Sunday papers have been full of it for weeks now, with even the former Minister for Pensions stirring up a hornets nest with his thoughts on the subject.

So, it is interesting to read the many articles written as to where the change of heart has come from, and the theories behind the sea change. Mine is not to speculate, just to continue working diligently with clients, continuing to advise them on how best to use their allowances to achieve their aims. The good news is that instead of the pension tax relief doors being effectively closed on Budget Day next week, there’s more time to work with more people, at least until pension tax relief reforms rears its head again!

Here’s how the BBC reported it –

As always, any questions, just shout, and in the meantime, have a great week everyone!