The ‘Out of Office’ has gone on holiday!!

With July and August now a distant memory, the ‘Out of Office’ message appears to have now gone on a well-deserved holiday itself! With the last of our client’s returning from their summer break within the next hour or so, everyone is now back at their desks with renewed vigor and refreshed minds.
The focus has returned to making sure that the years’ goals and objectives which were set early in January, are now within reach, in order to make 2016 a success when we all reflect in a few months’ time.
Planning for a successful year is key, not only personally and professionally, but financially too. Whether it is the finances of the business you run or the finances of your family, planning is key to ensuring the outcome you desire. By engaging with your finances, understanding your aims and objectives, you can establish a route map of the journey which needs to be undertaken to ensure you achieve a successful outcome.

Route maps at the start of the journey are vital, however, I would suggest that checking the route map throughout the journey is possibly even more pivotal to successfully arriving at your destination.

Imagine, if you will, the plane taking off this lunchtime heading for JFK in New York City. The destination is known, the route is plotted with all currently known factors worked into the plan. From the minute the plane takes off, yes it continues its trajectory, and its course, but it may require adjustment at any point in its 7 hour flight-time, in order to ensure it remains on course to successfully reach its destination as smoothly as possible.

Planning your finances is no different. Know your destination, know your timescales, maybe even plot the route map yourself at the start if you are happy to do so. Then check, check and check again. This way you can be as sure as you can, that just at the point you need your hard earned monies to come into their own, they will be ready and waiting for you and your family to use as you wish!

At Athena we are very used to helping you work through your aims and objectives, and to putting together a route map with you to guide you there. With the current headwinds of the US Presidential Elections, Hard or Soft Brexit and any other socio-geopolitical factor which will undoubtedly come into play, we will then work with you to keep you on course for your own successful financial outcome at the time of your choosing.

So, perhaps as you are re-engaging with the objectives you set early this year, now is a good time to get your financial route map back out (or even up and running!), check your current course, and make sure you are still on track to make the very most of every opportunity 2016 has to offer you. Check the foundations of your family are protected as you wish, check that you are invested as you should be for your risk-profile, using the very best funds you can aligned to your risk profile, and check that every applicable tax wrapper is considered within your planning so you arrive at the end of this year’s financial journey on 6th April 2017 in the best possible state for your longer term destination.  

As the directors of Athena and Chartered Financial Planners, both Colin and I would be delighted to assist and advise you in any way we can, and with almost 40 years planning between us, we’re very strong on navigating a successful path through headwinds!

Pop in to see us or call 01732 460521 or email me

In the meantime, have a super October all.

Carrie Devonshire BSc(Hons) FPFS

Director and Chartered Financial Planner

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